Carry your stake markers in difficult terrain

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Foundation year: 1971
Industry: Survey Markers manufacturing
Headquarters: Okayama Japan
CEO: Kengo Okada
Chairman: Takumi Okada

Ripro Corporation is Japan’s largest manufacturer of survey markers. Our sales represent more than 60% of the market. Ripro’s customers include surveyors, the Japanese government, local governments and some of the largest railroad, utilities and transportation companies in Japan.



Ripro is committed to preserve the environment and invests significant capital for protecting our natural resources. We tend to do our part by using rainwater, solar energy and 100% of recycled plastics during the production of stakes. All of those efforts for the environment that we are committed to do, actually are helping us save money and reduce our company’s production costs. What is good for the Earth is also good for Ripro, it is an easy choice for us.



Contributing to the community welfare is a priority for Ripro. We do not outsource our production to other countries where the workers are usually underpaid, we hire locally. We are making decisions in order to give back to the community so that we can build a better society for all of us. To this effect, Ripro has donated necessary materials for the reconstruction of the Tohoku region after the devastating earthquake and tsunami of 2011, as well as useful data collected by Ripro’s markers.



We use the latest technology to offer the best products to our customers. Our smart sensor-equipped marker is a useful tool which helps greatly during landslide and flood prevention activities, it surely stand out in the industry. Our partnerships always help us being on top of the latest development in matter of sensor and networking developments.

Ripro’s products are JIS certified for quality and excellence.