Japan Quality

Most important thinking for Recycling Business is “Quality Control”. RIPRO is ISO9001/14001 qualified company and the first company in Japan(in 1983)to institute a quality control standard(JIS/Japan Industrial standard) on recycled plastic products.RIPRO Working CO2 activities,LCA(Life Cycle Assessment),working with The Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry (JEMAI) from 2008.


UV exposure test


Heat resistance test
85℃1000 hr clear


20 times hit No Break test
and Read ID

RIPRO Original ECO Technology & ECO Manufacture. co2reduce

Protecting the environment and recycling are key elements to RIPRO’s success. Waste plastic materials are recycled and turned into survey markers. All types of plastic waste are used- scrap wrapping film from airport cargo, chemical plants, and trucking operations, plastic tape, carpeting, car parts including plastic bumpers, etc. Primary waste plastic made of recycled products are polyethylene and polypropylene. A multi-step process assures total use of plastic waste materials: