Recruiting perspective:

conditioning the next generation of employees; the technical department is currently recruiting.

Job summary:  

Manufacturing technician (manufacturing, production control, quality control, etc.) proud to be number one in Japan (plastic survey markers industry)

Job description:

Our company manufactures recycled plastic products such as boundary stakes and other type of markers. You are in charge of operating a production machine (using a plastic recycling production line system unique to our company). We define the shape of the product through the process of heating and melting, the melted plastic material goes into a mold to give the future product its final shape. Cooling time in order to solidify the product is crucial.

In order to perform plastic shaping stably, it is necessary to adjust the pressure, the amount of melted material, and the injection speed. In order to create high-quality products, it is important to inspect the product condition, and make the necessary adjustments. It’s a rewarding job where your ideas, when put into use can decisively improved the quality of the product.

According to the production needs. the work shall be carried out and share with your teammates if judge necessary. In the beginning, you will start with simple tasks, step by step learning strategy. Senior employees are always available for advice and will support you in your work, there is no need to rush or feel unnecessary stress, you will benefit optimal conditions to start your new work in our company.

The age range of our employees working inside the factory is 20-40, and most of them started without experience. Through our training methods, you will acquire technical skills for plastic recycling, learn how to operate the machinery and gain knowledge of our production.

Our industry is a niche business, you will experience a wide range of tasks at work, and in the future, you will be able to work in production management, quality control, etc. In the end you will become a technician capable to understand and go through every step of the manufacturing process.

Candidate profile:

 Educational background not required

Inexperienced, new graduates, and experienced people are of course welcome to apply.

Job application summary:

Currently working, experienced, or even inexperienced people can apply.

Current employees age range 20-40

Recruitment criteria:

We value the motivation, the potential, the personality, especially the personal qualities of the candidate without regard to their gender or nationality.

Experience that can be use (not required when joining the company):

Technical high school, technical college, or university level in mechanical, electrical/electronic, or chemistry studies.

Working experience in any kind of factory is appreciated.

If you are dynamic, enjoy hard work, and value teamwork. This job is for you!

Work location:

Okayama City, Minami-ku, Nakaune, 1186

Transportation * Commuting by car is possible (free parking available)

Annual income

example 1:  4 500 000 jpy

35 years old, 13 years of experience with the company, section chief/assistant manager (monthly salary of 300,000 yen + bonus)

Annual income

example 2:  3 500 000 jpy

25 years old, 7 years with the company, chief (monthly salary of 250,000 yen + bonus)


Uniform and safety shoes are provided

Bento lunch service is available, the company will take charge of half of the cost.

Retirement system:

Health checkup (paid by the company)

vaccine financial assistance

Barbecue event and other receptions are organized by the employee association.