Information Eco Marker System (RFID Passive)

Information Eco Marker System (RFID Passive)



Information Eco Marker, the stake ,will be driven into the land for boundary surveying reference point with IC chip (RFID)is inside marker. Easy to use for Traceability and identification of the stake location and facilities information management and utilities by smartphone.



  • Direct land information recognize from marker

  • Stake field information read by smartphone

  • No battery, No charge, semipermanently data life

  • User-friendly design marker

  • Weather –proof, Long life use for marker

  • Easy to find, Easy to install for filed work

  • Strong Protection for IC tag, RIPRO casing technology, Just driving it!

  • Long Durability of IC tag marker

  • Earth-friendly recycle material

  • Various frequencies, the memory available to the IC tag